Charles Token

We are pleased to inform you that thanks to the cooperation of / GULAS Stake Pool /, the Cardano Planet (CHARLES) token has been launched on the BSC network.

This marker BEP20 was named CHARLES as a sign of our respect for Charles Hoskinson.

Nice gesture, you might say, but what good is that?

By purchasing and possessing the CHARLES token, they were able to collect ADA tokens on the BSC network that could be easily transferred to the Cardano network and then automatically transferred to the previously selected stock as usual. The easiest way to transfer money from the BSC network is through Binance to the Cardano network. We will make a video about this soon.

It is important to note that the reward you receive for holding a CHARLES token arrives in your BSC wallet when someone makes a sale transaction.

We currently provide ADA and BNB liquidity on the BSC network.

But we don’t stop here! By trading tokens, one percent of ADA tokens go into a so-called public charity portfolio. You can view this wallet here:

It contains 193 ADAs at the time of writing, barely half a day after the CHARLES token was launched.

This amount will be donated to charity after a community vote. We will provide more information about this later.

– Maximum number of tokens issued: 100,000,000,000
– Purchase tax: 13% (of which 7% for redistribution of rewards, 3% for return to liquidity and 3% for charity account)

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More information on our Telegram channel!

ATTENTION! The above description is not an investment table, so everyone is responsible for their own property, the site and its owners cannot be held responsible.

Frequently asked questions about CHARLES token

❔ What is the CHARLES contract?
👉 0x31f22742e4987be1776c76366f5972844e7cac07

❔ What is the minimum CHARLES token amount for getting the free ADA?
👉 Minimum 1.000.000 CHARLES token needed, but more you have, more ADA you receive

❔ Every transaction generates the ADA rewards?
👉 No, only the selling transactions

❔ How many ADA I can get as reward?
👉 The 7% of the selling transaction’s are being distributed among the holders, based on your holding power. So more CHARLES Token you have, more ADA will land in your same wallet.

❔ Why I can not see my ADA rewards in my metamask/trustwallet account?
👉 You need to add the BSC ADA Token address manually to your wallet: 0x3EE2200Efb3400fAbB9AacF31297cBdD1d435D47 (ADA Binance-Peg Cardano Token)

❔ How can I delegate/stake my ADA reward to a Pool on Cardano network?
👉 Simply just send back the ADA to your Binance account (BEP20) and forward it to your Yoroi address, then delegate to a desired Pool (If you can not chose, we suggest our GULAS pool)





The CHARLES token has arrived!

We’re happy to announce that the CHARLES token is now available on the BSC mainnet.

This BEP20 token is named after Charles Hoskinson – founder of Cardano – to show our respect to him.

❤️ Hold CHARLES (gently…)
💎 Earn ADA!

CONTRACT: 0x31f22742e4987be1776c76366f5972844e7cac07

Don’t forget, it’s recommended to transfer your rewarded ADA back to the Cardano mainnet eg. through Binance.

🌐 Website:
📫 Telegram:

💥 100,000,000,000 max supply
💰 7% Redistribution in ADA
💦 3% Auto-Liquidity
💦 3% Public Charity Wallet

✅ Liquidity Locked
✅ ADA liqudity
✅ BNB liqudity
✅ Community Driven
✅ Doxxed team: / GULAS Stake Pool

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